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Fascia & Soffits

Sunshine Residential Services ensures your home’s roofline is both functional and aesthetically pleasing with top-quality fascia and soffit repairs and installations. Protect and beautify your Central Florida or Gulf Coast home with our expert craftsmanship.

Sunshine Fascia and Soffits Service

Your home’s exterior surfaces endure a lot. From hailstorms to the sweltering summer heat, your roofing, siding, windows, doors, and trim take the brunt of Florida’s nature.
Though less visible than walls or most of the roof, your fascia and soffits play an important role. They need your attention!

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Fascia & Soffits

    Why Care About Fascia and Soffits?

    As a Florida homeowner, you know the demands our sunny climate makes. Fascia and soffits under the roof’s edge bear intense sun and rain. Properly maintained, they protect vulnerable spots. Ignore them and expect trouble – leaks, pests, rot. Take care of them!

    Stop Water Intrusion

    Sitting under the roofline, fascia and soffits prevent water seepage. Damaged soffits let moisture sneak into attic and walls. Water brings mold, mildew, rot, many more!

    Don’t Let Pests In

    Raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice seek any gap to enter. Tight fascia and soffits keep them out of your attic and walls. Once inside, pests wreak havoc on insulation, wiring, storage. Ugh!

    Avoid Rot & Decay

    Exposed rafters and roof decking are prone to moisture damage and decay. Intact fascia and soffits protect these spots from sun and rain. Your roof lasts longer.

    Warning Signs of Trouble

    Don’t wait for a wet attic or squirrel invasion! Check fascia and soffits periodically. Watch for:

    • Cracked, peeling, warped fascia
    • Sagging soffit panels or gutters
    • Gaps at seams and corners
    • Pest entry/exit holes
    • Moisture stains, mildew, rot

    Warning Signs of Trouble

    Don’t wait for a wet attic or squirrel invasion! Check fascia and soffits periodically. Watch for:

    • Cracked, peeling, warped fascia
    • Sagging soffit panels or gutters
    • Gaps at seams and corners
    • Pest entry/exit holes
    • Moisture stains, mildew, rot

    Minor damage tends to worsen if neglected. Nip problems in the bud before repairs get expensive.

    Why Replace Fascia and Soffits?

    Extensive damage may require full replacement, not just repairs. Replacing offers:

    Curb Appeal

    Fresh fascia and soffits transform your home’s look. Choose colors to complement your exterior. This boosts appeal and home value.

    Energy Savings

    New soffits seal air leaks for better insulation. Lower utility bills!

    Longer Roof Life

    Avoiding rafter and sheathing decay extends roof life.

    Material Options

    Today’s products beat wood. Popular choices:


    • Lightweight yet sturdy
    • Resists moisture, pests
    • Paintable finishes available


    • Budget friendly
    • Won’t crack, peel, warp
    • Never needs painting

    Fiber Cement

    • Looks like wood without maintenance
    • Fire- and pest-resistant
    • Holds paint very well

    Upgraded materials protect better than failing wood.

    Hire Sunshine Services

    As experienced Florida exterior specialists, we do it all:

    • Inspection and repairs
    • Full fascia and soffit replacement
    • Precision installation
    • Seamless gutter improvements
    • Attic ventilation
    • Moisture protection
    • Pest exclusion

    Our experts handle your home with care and skill. Trust us to do the job right!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We stand by our work 100%. Your complete satisfaction is #1.

    Local & Family-Owned

    We care about Florida communities. Our reputation depends on making your home beautiful and protected.


    Why do I need to replace my fascia boards if they don’t look damaged?

    Even if they appear intact, old fascia boards can warp, crack, or deteriorate over time, allowing for water intrusion and pest entry points. Replacement ensures tight sealing.

    What’s the difference between wood, aluminum, and vinyl fascia?

    Wood requires frequent repainting but has a classic look. Aluminum is lightweight yet strong. Vinyl is budget-friendly and low-maintenance. Each has pros and cons.

    How often should soffits be inspected?

    Soffits should be checked at least annually for any moisture, mildew, gaps or holes where pests enter. This helps catch minor damage before it worsens.

    Act Now!

    Contact Sunshine Services today for a customized quote on renewing your fascia, soffits, and gutters. Invest in lasting curb appeal and weather protection! You and your home deserve it.

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    What Customer Saying

    We had Sunshine residential services, paint our home and so glad we did, Park and his team did a fantastic job. So fast and efficient with every square footage of our home. So pleased with the way our house turned out. The guys are so experienced in what they do. I will recommend this company to everyone I know. Great job.
    Edward Moscona-Maalouf
    Edward Moscona-Maalouf
    Great experience
    dena callman
    dena callman
    I am honored to recommend Sunshine Residential Services. They painted my ceilings . They were very professional, fast, efficient ,They did an amazing job, we were very impressed with everything that they did, and extremely happy with the results! I would highly recommend them!
    Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell
    I had them pressure wash exterior, paint exterior including new entry doors and I was very happy with the work. I would definitely use them again.
    Dominique Vielot
    Dominique Vielot
    Excellent customer service! These guys did a quick job handling an issue with my dryer on same day. I called them and within just a few hours job was completed and got a fair price! Will use them in near future.
    John Fox
    John Fox
    I coordinated a project that was at a remote location. Communication with Sunshine Residential Services was outstanding. The feedback from the job site including pictures indicated a perfect job.
    Laura F
    Laura F
    Had my kitchen ceiling fixed from water damage plus had water stains in the ceiling of many rooms in my home. And a water damaged bathroom cabinet that Arturo fixed to perfection so we didn't had to replace the whole cabinet. Arturo and Gabriel were very professional. They protected my furniture and floors very well while painting the ceiling all around my house. At the office, Park answered all my questions and drove almost 3 hours to check on the job to be done and reassure me about the steps to expect and time frame. Everything went according to plan. Thank you.
    Sandra Morgan
    Sandra Morgan
    Unfortunately after hurricane Ian I had water damage in three of my rooms ...Sunshine Res, Serv., was recommended to me through my roofing co. I must say they did a fantastic job you couldn't tell when they were finished and I mean a great job ...I would certainly recommend them to all my friends.......
    Richard Morrison
    Richard Morrison
    Sunshine Residential Services performed water damage repairs to multiple rooms in my home. The workers were very professional and when the work was complete, you couldn’t tell the areas were ever damaged. All work was complete at or ahead of schedule. Workers showed up as scheduled. Extremely satisfied with this company.
    Egui Castro
    Egui Castro
    Great company. Park is very professional! Highly recommended!
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